The Fremont Amphitheater


A downtown urban park and amphitheater creates a new vibrant space that promotes community collaboration, fuels growth, and enhances landscape of Fremont.

Reasons For An Outdoor Amphitheater

For many years, Fremont has discussed the opportunities that a downtown amphitheater will provide for local shops and restaurants. With the city’s acquisition and removal of the Jackson Annex, the green space created offers an excellent opportunity to move forward with the creation of a vibrant outdoor entertainment space. With the recent growth of downtown Fremont,
the amphitheater is a perfect complement. It will provide many opportunities to attract families from Fremont and surrounding communities to discover what Fremont has to offer.

Fremont Amphitheater
Fremont Amphitheater



The urban park and amphitheater provides a multi-use design that serves as a place for people to gather and beautifies our community.



A new urban park promotes the resurgence of performing arts and offers more creative possibilities.



An outdoor amphitheater helps fuel and strengthen the social and economic fabric of our community.



The downtown urban park and amphitheater will energize growth and attract new businesses and people from outside of our community.


What Will The New Amphitheater Cost?

The expected cost for the Fremont Amphitheater is $1,800,000. The Fremont Rotary Club is committed to raising $250,000 towards the project cost. The remaining project balance will be funded through the City of Fremont, grants, and additional donors. The amphitheater will be operated through the City of Fremont’s Recreation Department.


The outdoor amphitheater creates a hybrid experience of both arts and community connection while facilitating social interactions and providing an enviroment for family friendly programs.


– Fremont Mayor Danny Sanchez