Rotary Lodge at Don W Miller Memorial Park

The Lodge

A place to gather for family and friends and for special events that is integrated into the landscape and will invite visitors of all ages to connect with the natural world.

Why Renovate The Rotary Lodge?

Don W Miller Memorial Park is operated by the Sandusky County Park District as a public park open every day of the year. The natural features and scenic Sandusky River are popular destinations for anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts such as bird watchers, kayakers, and hikers. Once a nine-hole golf course, the park also overlooks the well-known Blue Banks and has been restored to natural habitats with stone hiking trails.

Rotary Lodge



Once renovated the lodge will provide a space for people to gather in a pristine natural area.



The design will bring nature “inside”; creating a space that will connect people’s most memorable moments like weddings, anniversary celebrations, graduations, etc.



A catering area will be included; however, there will not be a full commercial kitchen to not compete with local catering businesses.



A large outdoor pavilion connected to the indoor lodge space can open to the lodge and the outdoors.


What Will The Lodge Improvements Cost?

The total cost of the improvements to the Fremont Rotary Lodge is $1,500,000. The Fremont Rotary Club has committed $250,000 to the project and is working to raise the remaining $1,250,000 through donations and grants. Funding for the operation of the lodge is provided by 1 mill property tax levy approved by the voters in 2016.

What Kind of Events and Activities Will Be Able To Be Held At The Fremont Rotary Lodge?

  • Weddings, Showers, & Family Reunions
  • Company Picnics and Team Building
  • Direct Access to the Scenic Sandusky River and the surrounding habitats
  • Group (schools, scouts, etc.) Outings
  • Fishing & Bird watching
  • Nature trails open throughout the year